Microsoft just released a piece of information which might explain why your Windows machine is STILL out-of-date… despite all your care.

Microsoft Patching management are a crucial part of keeping safe and secure. Microsoft updates are released regularly to help protect us from the security flaws and vulnerabilities that cyber criminals love to exploit. Updates also help us by making software and applications more usable and adding new features. According to Microsoft, an enormous number of Windows PCs aren’t up to date – there are several reasons for this.

  • Informal policies & management may play a roll.
  • Technical problems may play a roll.
  • One overlooked cause may be because Microsoft just explained that a device must remain on and connected to Windows Update for a minimum of two consecutive hours, and six hours in total

That gives your device time to successfully download the update and install it. A way to make sure all your devices are successfully updated every time is to insist that your team leave their devices powered on and connected overnight.
This may also mean that you must check your Power Management settings, to stop your devices from going into hibernation mode or deep sleep too quickly. To offset any environmental impact, you should also ensure you’re following the recommended power settings on each device.

If you’d like any help checking these settings, and that all your devices are running the latest security updates, just get in touch.

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