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Pro-Active, Re-Active, Real-Time, Co-Managed, Break-Fix, As-Needed, Tailor-Made, we take responsibility for managing your IT infrastructure in a way that makes us your reliable and preferred IT (Co-)Partner.


Value Poposition

The best security is a multi-layered.  Your employees aren’t your weakest link – they are your first line of defense against cyber crime.  With an effective security awareness training solution, you can transform your users into a solid first line of defense for identifying, avoiding and reporting sophisticated attacks

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World-Class Platform

Intelligent, Complete, Online Platform. Including online learning, phishing simulations, breach detection, policy management and risk scoring of your business.

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Security Awareness Training

Humans as a Defensive Layer is Better

Cyber Security is more than just a ‘Project’; it is a continuous and ongoing process. The ever changing threat landscape requires a response that takes this into account. Our processes and solutions includes the use of internationally recognized security frameworks and tools to create and maintain a secure IT environment.

Itblue creates a ‘win-win’ result by investing upfront resources to get each client onto our best-practice standard (called the ‘ITB-Way’) and then proactively and continuously working in the background to keep your business running and on standard. By limiting unscheduled downtime both our businesses win.


Fast Support

Access to our high-quality support desk team where your request will be resolved by one of our experts


Your own IT Director

Your account manager is an Itblue Director giving you direct access to management.


Proactive Maintenance

We use AI and technology for continuously monitoring and performing tasks on your IT infrastructure, ensuring it runs smoothly while maintaining security and stability.


24/7 Monitoring

Our systems monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 for all types of incidents.


Integrated Security

We are security focused to ensure you can sleep at night. We utilise security frameworks and best practices to ensure a safer IT environment without getting in your business’s way.


Business Focused

We understand that IT should support your unique business requirements and needs.

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What They Said

We pride ourselves in being a reliable and preferred IT partner.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

They instilled confidence in our system/network/hardware in assisting us in the transition to work efficiently remotely during the lock down. We have all had big challenges this year, and we are very grateful to have the excellent support and a reliable service offering during this time. A big thanks to all the staff at ITBlue.”

David Porter

Director, Steer Property Group

“Willie, Theuns and their staff are really experts in their fields.”

Matthew Cockcroft

Owner, Involution

“An innovative and reliable IT and Internet service provider in Stellenbosch.”

Johan du Preez

Freelance / Consultant / Entrepreneur


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What is your (business’s) biggest cyber risk?

What is your (business’s) biggest cyber risk?

You have a lot of responsibilities as the leader of your business. Driving growth is important, as is checking your staff are fulfilled and enjoying their work, as is continuing to add value to your clients. Making sure the business is protected from predictable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to reach out to us for an open and frank discussion of your specific needs and requirements. Below very general information as starting point for our conversation.


Do you provide "your need" support agreements?

Yes. Service Level Agreement, Break-Fix, Limited Hours, Managed, Co-Managed, Pro-Active, Once Off, Etc. We provide tailor made for your needs support services.

Do you support "your device/type/app/service/need"?

Probably. We support Windows, Mac, Linux, RouterOS, Various Cloud Services. Various Applications and have clients across multiple industries. It is best to talk to us to ensure we address your needs.

Do you support clients in "your location"?

We support clients across South-Africa and Namibia.

Managed Services

Why Managed Services?

It creates a ‘win-win’ result by investing upfront resources to get each client onto our best-practice standard (called the ‘ITB-Way’) and then proactively and continuously working in the background to keep your business running and on standard. By limiting unscheduled downtime both our businesses win.

What is "Managed IT Services"?

Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization (called a ‘managed service provider or MSP) that specializes in handling these responsibilities. MSP’s like Itblue, can take responsibility for the entirety or portions of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What can be covered under Managed IT Services.

Some, Part, Complete IT infrastructure needs can be covered, under this services. Let’s talk about your spesific needs.


What does it cost?

We believe that the service should be affordable while providing in your specific needs & requirements. As the business requirements & needs differ from business to business we tailor the offer to you and provide you with custom pricing.

Do you accommodate/provide/cater for?

We provide tailor made agreements to address your specific requirements. Pricing/Costing/Payment Terms are part of a business’s requirements. Reach out to us for a conversation.

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