Free, How-To Videos from Itblue Solutions

Use Microsoft Word like a PRO

We have put together a library of short, easy to follow videos on how to get the most out of Microsoft Word. Have a look at the resources below.


Concentrate and type more

Sometimes when you’re writing an important Word document, it’s too easy to be distracted by all the menus and buttons. Did you know you can remove the clutter from Word and put it into Focus mode… with just one click? Here’s how.


Do whatever you want with ONE Click

If you spend a lot of time searching through menus and tools in Word, then your life is about to become a lot easier. Here’s how to create your own Quick Access Toolbar, so you can get to the tools and settings you use most often with just one click.


Get rid of that annoying welcome screen

The Word welcome screen is great… the first time. Did you know you can skip it every time you open Word, so you can get straight to work? Here’s how to do that.


Insert chucks of text with a click

If you use Word a lot, you’re probably typing in the same information again and again and again.  Save time by using the Auto Text function. Let us show you how.


Insert chucks of text with short codes

Always typing the same information into Word documents? Save time and get it right by using short codes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Here’s how to set them up.


Do mass personal emailing

Did you know you can send mass personal emails from within Word? Here’s how to make multiple emails look personal to every recipient, without having to leave your document.


Print mass personal letters

If you have a lot of letters to send and want to personalise them, this video is for you. Learn how to insert personal information, merge and print multiple letters from just one document.


Start a new document quicker

If you find yourself copying or overwriting old documents, you need to start using templates. Here’s how to create, save and open them.


Swap text to capitals and back on your keyboard

You may already know and use the toolbar shortcut to change to and from capital letters. Did you know there is another, quicker way? See our video for this time saver.


Start a bullet-pointed list with a single click

Bullet points are a great communication tool for breaking up large chunks of text and to focus attention. See the video how to easily create bulleted lists in a faster way.


Save your documents quicker

Saving documents while you work on them is important – especially in SA where power may go out at any moment. This video show how you can set your own defaults to ensure saving is done in a fast and efficient way.


Never lose vital work when you click that Save button

Once you have pressed that Save Button you may not be able to get lost work back. That problem can be solved by using Word’s features so you can find and recover previous versions.  Have a look at our video.


Send (Embed) the fonts you use in your documents

You have worked so hard to create the look and feel of the document – see how to embed the fonts so it looks the same way on all devices.


Create and use your own text formats quickly

Save time by creating and using your own text styles throughout your documents.


Compare two Word documents easily

Sometimes you just have to compare two documents and it is time consuming to keep flicking between two windows. Use this to make your life easier.


Change a lot of text in one go

If you need to make a lot of changes throughout your Word document this tip will save you time.