Free, How-To Videos from Itblue Solutions

Use Microsoft Teams like a PRO

We have put together a library of short, easy to follow videos on how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams. Have a look at the resources below.


Blur or change your background on a video call

Got a video call but your room isn’t appropriate for work? Did you know you can blur your background or change it entirely in Teams? Here’s how to make your backdrop look professional, without having to do any tidying.


Look like you are in one room

Remote working is great, but you can still miss that ‘together’ feeling when you’re on a Teams call. Here’s how to make it look like you’re all in the same room.


Master ALL the shortcuts

Shortcuts are great, but only if you know about them. Use this handy tip to see all Teams shortcuts in one place. It’ll change the way you use Teams.


Only allow interruptions from your boss

Everyone needs time to work free from interruptions. But what if your boss is trying to contact you? This video shows you how to use Priority Access to block everyone except your boss.

Quickly mute your mic during a call

How many Teams calls are interrupted by random noises? This really simple shortcut shows how to quickly mute your mic, so your co-workers don’t have to listen to every cough, sneeze or dog bark.

Quickly turn off your camera during a call

Have you ever been on an important Teams call, only to be interrupted by your children or pets in the background? We’ve used a famous viral video moment to demonstrate how to quickly turn off your camera.

Send messages without breaking your workflow

The messaging facility in Teams is great, but it can break your concentration and flow. In this video, we show you a different way to use messages without having to leave the screen you’re working on.

Stop the pings with Do Not Disturb mode

If you’re finding it difficult to get your work done due to constant interruptions, then you need the Teams equivalent of a closed door. Here’s how to turn on Do Not Disturb and silence the pings.

Turn email into a Teams message

Microsoft Teams are great, but a quick email is sometimes faster when you want to share your thoughts. We will show you how to send email directly into a Teams channel in this video.

Use the right microphone during a call

You are talking on Teams, but no one can hear you. It’s happened to us all. See how to select the correct mic during a meeting, without leaving the call.

Stop writing posts that are 1 sentence long

Every time you hit ENTER in a Teams chat a separate short message is created in Teams. This may not be optimal in getting your full meaning across. See the video for tips for an alternative way to communicate via Teams, without the multiple messages distraction.

Share the correct screen during a call

POPIA(don’t share confidential information), embarrassment, being seen as ‘tech savvy’, time efficiency, whatever the reason you want to ensure you share the correct screen during a Teams call. Use our tips in the video to ensure you get it right.

Set-up your camera and mic BEFORE a call

Benjamin Franklin said: ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ‘ Use the video to set up your camera and microphone before the call.’

Find out if someone is free without having to check

Need to reach out to someone and not sure if they are free? Use the tips in the video to check someone’s availability.

Create a personal voicemail message

Make Teams yours – add that personal touch by creating a personal voicemail message.