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DMARC – Email Security

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Email is used in more than 91% of all network attacks with cybercriminals becoming increasingly devious at impersonating unprotected email domains. If unprotected, they can easily use brands to impersonate employees by sending emails with all the correct styling, making it virtually impossible for receivers to spot the fraudster.

An attack on your business could result in deposit fraud, ransomware attack, identity theft or reputation damage. Sendmarc mitigates this flaw using DMARC.

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance

DMARC verifies the source of an email message and determines what to do with it. It’s a security check that allows only emails coming from the legitimate source to be delivered. Being DMARC compliant gives your company full visibility of and control over all emails (legitimate and illegitimate) claiming to be from your organization.

The DMARC standard corroborates that the sender of the email is legitimate, that the message has not been compromised, and if it passes the authentication process delivers the email to the inbox and if it
doesn’t, rejects the email.

Visibility into where email comes from

Reporting lets you see both legitimate and illegitimate use of your email domains so you can actively act and eliminate fraudulent activities.
Having achieved full protection status with all illegitimate email rejected constant monitoring and management of a company’s entire email ecosystem of active and dormant domain names, means that any new security threats and potential deliverability issues are actively prevented

Strengthen brand trust and brand recognition

Companies that have DMARC can implement BIMI, improving brand identity and email deliverability. BIMI gives immediate email credibility and brand recognition with a company’s logo viewed alongside the email message. This added layer of authentication improves brand trustworthiness, giving recipients confidence that the email is from the legitimate source, improves engagement, ensuring effective email communication.

Email that is trusted by entire stakeholder community

All inbound and outbound email with your brand name is verified for authenticity, preventing cybercriminals from using your name for illicit gain, ensuring employees, customers, partners, and suppliers only ever receive legitimate email.

Provided as a service with zero infrastructure costs

Delivered using a purpose-built platform, making deployment easier with fully automated processes, access and visibility of real-time reporting, and continuous proactive management of the entire email environment.

Global and company-wide compliance

Globally recognized technical authentication and verification standards applied to all emails using the brand name, provide organizational-wide compliance to every email service used by every department.

Guaranteed for every customer

The same product with the same features and functionality is deployed for every customer, giving all customers the same level of security and the same 90 day guarantee to reach full protection status.

Improved email deliverability

Implementing the strongest authentication rules and policies, ensure that all legitimate emails with your name reach the intended inbox.

Protection for the entire email Ecosystem

Seamless integration and implementation with all third-party providers of email services, ensure an organization’s entire email real-estate is secure and safeguarded.



  • Utilize the Domain Score Check to assess your domain’s email security level. A perfect score of 5/5 indicates optimal security.
  • Watch the brief 3-minute video for a concise overview of the implications.
  • Tap the download button to access a comprehensive PDF guide designed to aid in this matter.

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