Managed IT Services that grows with you

Proactive is better!

Proactive and Managed is best

You don't have to rely on no or limited IT resources. Our team has the skills, capacity and technology to do much more than fix problems as they occur. We provide Comprehensive, Partial, Co-Managed and Custom options to address your needs.

Timely Support

Let’s talk about it, without timely support the value proposition diminishes.  Have you heard about our PREVENTIVE support? This means we continuously monitor your systems and provide you with support before a problem affects your productivity and security.


Our unique combination of skills makes it possible to not only provide technical support but also valuable business and management decision support.


We continuously work on improving and extending the communication and  information we share with you. This enables you to improve the governance of your IT environment and improve your decision making process.

Single Point of Contact

We know, so many vendors and so many places to play the 'blame game' while your business is standing still. The current IT threat landscape risks, the vital role that IT plays in your business, the unique South African challenges and the fast pace of changes all adds to the complexity in dealing with IT matters.

This is why more and more businesses turns to Itblue to cover all their IT bases.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Managed IT Services? (Win-Win)

Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization (called a 'managed service provider or MSP) that specializes in handling these responsibilities. MSP's like Itblue, can take responsibility for the entirety or portions of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

Itblue creates a 'win-win' result by investing upfront resources to get each client onto our best-practice standard (called the 'ITB-Way') and then proactively and continuously working in the background to keep your business running and on standard. By limiting unscheduled downtime both our businesses win.