How long would it take an attacker to breach your business?

Dark Web

Your users’ credentials are exposed on the Dark Web

Compromised credentials are used for phishing & social engineering
Human error
is exploited and our business is breached
Millions of stolen data records, including
usernames and passwords, are added and sold on the Dark Web every year.

63% of business reported a loss of sensitive data in 2019

Phising & Social Engineering

Compromised credentials are used for phishing & social engineering

Users often re-use the same passwords for multiple accounts, making it easy for attackers to conduct business email compromise (BEC).

88% of companies faced targeted phishing attacks in 2020.
Cyber Security Man Hand

Human Error

Human error can lead to being breached

Criminals prey on untrained users and human error. No security solution is 100% effective and sooner than later a human will be the last line of defense against a breach.

95% of successful data breaches come from human error.
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  • How to tackle your human risk areas

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Dark Web Scan

  • We scan your domain for threats
  • We detect exposed credentials
  • We provide the source of any breaches

Phishing Simulation

We identify phish-prone users
We access social engineering risks
We allow you to test against real-world scams


The Human Risk Report

View your human risk score
Learn your ‘time-to-breach’ estimation
Understand your risk areas



Remediation Steps

Get suggested remediation steps
Address high-risk areas
Reduce human risk score

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