Cyber Security & Compliance


Managed Security - Enterprise Level Security for ANY sized business

Our managed security service utilises a multi-layered approach and internationally accepted best practices to secure your IT environment to protect your business in today's threat landscape.  

Cyber Security is more than just a 'Project'; it is a continuous and ongoing process.  The ever changing threat landscape requires a response that takes this into account.  Our processes and solutions includes the use of internationally recognised security frameworks and tools to create and maintain a secure IT environment.

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Security Awareness Training

Reduce the human cyber risk with a comprehensive service - simplified via intelligent automation.   

  • Perform skills gap analysis & deliver specific training to fill the specific gaps for each learner.

  • Implement continuous security awareness training and track the progress of learners.  Demonstrate compliance for Popia and security frameworks.

  • Train your workforce on relevant security topics like phishing, data privacy, social engineering to lower the human security risk.

  • Online video Content, earner management system, weekly reporting, simulated phishing attacks, exposed accounts monitoring, exposure reports, online security policy management. 

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PC & Device Encryption for SA Organisations (Why?)

POPIA compels your business to maintain security safeguards, and common business principles require the same.  

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