Backup and Disaster Recovery

More than just backups, it's about business continuity!

Now more than ever it is not just about backups, it's about business continuity. Outdated backup methods and technologies will not protect against the risks faced by businesses today, neither will it address the myriad business needs whether it is universally recognised or uniquely South African in nature.

Our backup solutions are focused on ensuring you have the ability to recover rapidly from any disaster and continue with business as usual.

Our  backup solutions include:

  • Tailor made for your needs and requirements

  • Flexible backup locations including to local South African Data Centres

  • Multiple backup types and sources including disk/volume/system/files/folders/applications/cloud/complete Microsoft 365 protection/Google Workspace data protection/full email protection

  • Flexible restore options and modern features including, quick return to operation.

Our backup solutions are Popia compliant, backed by our reliable services and  monitored for problems allowing you full peace of mind. 


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